App landing

Corporate color – dominant GREEN / Corporate LOGO

age restriction

Verifying the user’s age

Know your User

Singup or Signin

1st. Signin

Collect user’s mobile number to deliver lucky draw code via SMS server

Main menu

Products & services (Demo)

Our products

Presenting MBL’s products family displays & Brief info / for user to learn and understand more about MBL


All about upcoming events and recent events (EDM show – video & visual contents)

event & Promotion

Exciting events & promotions – Conveying message “HOW TO PARTICIPATE” to MBL’s very owned customers in much personalized way


Base on the users’ current location access algorithm, the App can advise nearest shop location for him to interact with the counter service or even – claim/purchase/deliver…

Real Story
Built-in AR Lens
MBL promotes its very own mobile app that will enable AR function in the app users hands.
3D Animated Video
By using built-in AR function inside the MBL App, user can scan the LOGO on the beer bottle, to have 3D Animated Video effect that will be custom developed with creative marketing concept.
Perfect way to stay connected (Demo)
AR game + lucky draw Q & A can be introduced to get app user interaction and reward program. falconIT could use our CRM platform + SMS function to send notifications for upcoming events, promotions & reward info/incentive codes.
extra Features (sample)

Creating AR marketing campaign and nationwide major rollout

AR makes brands more closer than ever before

chatbot Messenger

When mobile user database had been buildup and reach to certain level, falconIT shall introduce AI power automate chatbot to communicate with MBL App users


Both iOS and Android be developed, maintained and new released also be developed by falconIT. 

The mobile application development is not a one-time project and it surely need further and continuous collaboration between and MBL and falconIT Media Lab.  Thus, general terms and conditions shall be proposed and defined together for the benefits of both parties.

Proposed Mobile Application Features

  • Beer Distributors / Nearby Shops
  • Beer in advance / Beer Subuu > Buy over KBZ Pay – Free Beer or Discount % QR Code
  • Steps for Free Beer – Fitbitz Style > Body Sensor
  • 2D mobile game application like beer fanatic games, folklore or Myanmar saying, Tetris game

1) Myanmar Beer Store Locator

  • the App knows where Myanmar Beer is > by App’s nearby function
  • user can turn-on the notification from MBL for any promotion around him

2) Beers Subuu (Beers Lovers Group)

  • Invite every new friends to join you as group in app to claim weekly (Friday) Beer Subuu function
  • the more the friends you successfully request to join you in the group > claim more free Beers or more discount % QR code
  • limited beer packs at limited locations/township/states & divisions level

3) Beer distributors/nearby shops

  • One of the best ways that breweries can use mobile apps is to engage consumers to find restaurants, bars, and stores to buy their products.
  • Those major/minor distributors who opts for the extended services like delivery to beers in need. Call or select and text to deliver the beer



4) Every steps count a free beer (Wellness Campaign)

Less than 5,000 steps a day means you’re sedentary.

5,000 – 7,499 is considered “low active”.

7,500 – 10,000 (I just scrape into this category) is “somewhat active”.

10,000 – 12,500 is “active”.

So, I’m “somewhat active” then. Which is roughly what I suspected.

This thing also counts calories burned (well, it claims to), I just checked and I’m on 4,000 steps which it says comes to 184 calories. Which is roughly the same as a pint of beer. If I can get to 8,000 steps a day that’s two pints!

*** off for a walk then.

To the pub / Grab FREE Myanmar BEER!



5) 2D mobile game application 

Smartphone users spend nearly one hour per day on average playing mobile games — that’s over 25% of their total mobile time!

This guide focuses on four features that in-game advertising so attractive: innovative environment, high-scoring reach, engaged users, and top ad formats.

mobile games are a positive and brand-safe environment for advertising. They are fun and relaxing by nature, leading them to command a large share of consumers’ mobile time.

We would like to propose the beer fanatic games, folklore or Myanmar saying, Tetris game to integrate into the mobile application.

Augmented Reality is the future of digital marketing. AR experiences such as Pokémon Go and Facebook’s new camera

platform are providing new ways to engage.AR enables brands and product owners to transform images, objects, and

locations into interactive and immersive digital experiences by putting unforgettable AR experiences right at your audience’s

fingertips (and straight onto their mobile device).

Proposed ideas of using Augmented Reality (AR)

• AR Menu
• AR Game – location based AR like Pokémon game
• Imaged based AR idea
• 3D animation idea
• Face Tracking Augmented idea

1) Augmented Reality (AR) Menu

• Main Menu
   • AR Game
   • Promotion
   • Products
   • Augmented Reality Face Mask /
     Take photos & Share on social media

2) Augmented Reality – Don’t Blink Fun Game

Take the challenge end test your not-blinking skills within App.

Channels of Engagement. Thanks in part to continuing advances in technology;

Don’t blink championship by building profile one to one and one to many connect with friends and gain points/discount credit system.

3) 3D Augmented Reality to visualise the products.

3-Dimensional objects are a great addition to marketing.

We may add 3D objects on to the adverts with graphical content or Myanmar Beer logo and visualisations to always mesmerised the customers.

Augmented reality allows marketers to easily add 3D content overlaying the print adverts and captivate the users with a more engaging digital content to improve MBL branding.

4) Capture leads with links to MBL landing page or promo page

This is another set of marketing ideas to add into the print ads with the help of augmented reality. This feature is so popular that when Smartphones was gaining tractions, marketers already build digital ads to have a mobile capability to capture leads on smartphone browsers. Leads allows marketing executives to collect data and also to build audiences around a certain campaign or promotion.

Lead pages allows business and marketers to create various campaigns such as register to download, register to claim promos, sign up for early bookings and customer feedbacks. MBL may get the précised customer data and information by using this feature.

5) Image Capture Augmented Reality Face Mask Experiences to Share on Social Media

Augmented Reality experience is best shared and enjoyed with everyone and what better way to do it with social media and sharing directly with friends! The best marketing or advertising in this age leverages on the social networks to improve brand reach and awareness and to create a more personable audience engagement.

Having the Augmented Reality Marketing idea being shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or much more takes the advantage of high social visibility and peer recommendations. This in the end gives more bang for the buck in your ads and allows business to have more exposure from the public users point of view.

Campaigns can be made with augmented reality to allow users to snap selfies and share on social media to stand a chance to win something and also to allow users to be able to see the experiences their friends is seeing on the social network and more. It may increase the number of MBL facebook page likes.

Phase 1A
iOS & Android
Location base functionality
Phase 1B
AR Lens +
Built-in AR Lens
Basis AR functional video
Custom AR Game Development
Like Pokemon Go – fr USD17,000
Don’t Blink Challange – fr USD5,000
3D Animation – fr USD4,000
3D Face mask – fr USD6,000
Creative Lead
CRM analytics
Capture leads to MBL
Customer interaction data
Sales & Service
Marketing activities
More informed decisions
Application Development
Android – USD 4,500
iOS – USD 4,500
SMS Noti. – USD 1,000
AR Development
AR Menu – from USD 1,500
3D model – fr USD 4,000
AR Game – fr USD5,000 – 20,000
Cost Per Lead
SMS – USD0.10/lead
Location stats – USD0.10/lead
AR Game – USD0.10/lead